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Research in the Rehab Neural Engineering Lab (RNEL) is committed to advancing rehabilitation science and practice through scientific discovery and the development of new technologies for assisting and restoring sensory, motor, and autonomic functions after nervous system injury and limb loss. Central to this mission is the development of new strategies for interfacing directly with large populations of motor and sensory neurons. Penetrating and non-penetrating arrays of microelectrodes are used to record or stimulate neuronal activity in the peripheral nerves and brain. Our goals are to 1) understand how body-state information is encoded by sensory neurons (eg. muscle length, bladder pressure, etc.), 2) understand the roles of somatosensory feedback in motor planning, control, and learning, 3) develop new approaches for restoring function to paralyzed muscles via electrical stimulation of motor and sensory pathways, and 4) develop somatosensory neural prostheses to restore touch and proprioception.